Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here is a picture of my husband's favorite bonsai that I have created. I really enjoyed finding just the right beads to make this all match. My mom found the base in a thrift store in Washington state.
Today I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with my buddy Sheila. She lead me through the fantastic bonsai exhibit and the Japanese garden. I was able to take some amazing pictures to use for my future projects. Thank you Sheila!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beaded Bonsai Tree

One of my first beaded bonsai trees. I used wire and stones twisted in black wire. For the base I used a find from a thrift store and loaded it up with river rock for a fish tank.

Fall Color

Another great picture of a tree in my neighborhood.


I really like trees. My oldest son, Josh, was fasinated by them when he was a baby. I used to sit him in his chair by the sliding glass door for the best view of the trees blowing in the wind. He would point and grunt. I would listen to his excitement when I bird or plane flew in his line of sight. I remember this like yesterday, but shockingly it was 20 years ago. He could see anything and notice every detail. I oftened wondered if he would use that talent to study birds, or be an aircraft controller. He has the ability to create and build anything with or without instructions. So each time I see a tree I think of Josh.